Brian Danley


What are the benefits of personal training?

  • Customized training program to guarantee fitness results
  • Variety of workouts to lessen boredom
  • Efficient use of time during each workout
  • Specific workout program to prepare for training event
  • Learn how to exercise properly to lessen injury risk
  • Rehab training program after an injury
  • Lessen the risk of plateauing and/or overtraining
  • Learn how to eat a healthy diet and stick with it
  • Accountability, commitment and motivation
  • Expert advice, knowledge and guidance
  • Learn healthy lifestyle habits

What can you expect during a personal training session?

After assessing your health and fitness background (via an assessment form), I will design the appropriate training plan conducive toward meeting your fitness goal. A typical training session entails performing the recommended exercises to the specifications prescribed with particular emphasis on performing each exercise with good posture and pacing.  Expect each training session to vary in terms of exercise selection to minimize boredom.  Each session will be challenging with progressively heavier weights in order to increase your strength and increase muscle tone.  Expect to use a wide variety of equipment including free weights, machines, stability balls, medicine balls, and resistance bands, as well as bodyweight movements to achieve your fitness objective.


"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."