Brian Danley


Gain Muscle

60 minutes: $95

Recommended for those who want to gain muscle mass and train like a bodybuilder.

Benefits:  Lean, muscular physique, increase bodyweight, lose body fat, and get more muscular.

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Senior Fitness

60 minutes: $95

Recommended for older adults who want to maintain or even increase functional ability to perform activities of daily living more readily.

Benefits:  Live a more independent lifestyle with an emphasis on increasing flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, agility, and functional movements.

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Online Fitness/NutritionCoaching

60 minutes: $220

Recommended for busy motivated people who want a customized training program to work out at home, work or while traveling and a customized online meal plan to follow.  This program is designed for the motivated individual who may not have the time to meet with a personal trainer or would prefer to train on their own. To ensure accountability, monthly assessments of your body weight, body fat and muscle mass can be checked to ensure you're on the right track. 

Benefits:  Convenient, time-efficient, professional guidance, and accountability.

  • Get a customized training program online
  • Ideal for those who work from home
  • No commute needed
  • Exercise in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time
  • Minimal workout equipment needed
  • No childcare costs
  • Get access to online exercise videos for guidance
  • Access your training program while traveling
  • Get a customized meal plan online
  • Accountability with email/text support and coaching follow-up



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Special Offers and Deals

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